Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"...redefining dissent" - ya gotta be kidding me!

So today I was having lunch at a little diner in the 6th avenue neighborhood of Tacoma (WA), and happened to pick up one of Tacoma's longtime hippie rags called The Volcano and about lost my appetite when I read the cover story - "The Future of Dissent - Thoughts on Obama.... and Redefining Dissent" by some whack job called Mark Thomas. Without laboring this ridiculous Obama-worship piece, just one quote from the story sends the message quite clearly: "Will the rise of Obama mean the death of dissent?".

So first things first - let's define Dissent: "to differ in sentiment or opinion, especially from the majority" - source: So tell me, Mr. Thomas, how exactly you and the Messiah Obama plan to make everyone agree 100% with your opinions so that this dissent you hate so much is finally 'redefined' (funny how you loved dissent before November 4, 2008)? As I recall, Obama won with something like a 53% vote. That means that 47% "differed in sentiment or opinion" from you and and the democratic party (I hear some democrats actually voted for McCain - but I'm sure they'll be dealt with shortly). I'm sorry - what am I missing? Isn't that 47% folks who differed in opinion? Isn't that in fact the dissent vote, Mr. Thomas?

Oh wait - I get it! Dissent only matters to folks on the left when right-leaning opinion and leadership is in the majority at the moment. THEN Dissent is a good thing. It's patriotic. It's the right thing to do. It's essential to freedom. But now that BHO is "da man" (another quote from Mr. Thomas's rag), and left-leaning opinion is all the rage, dissent needs to be redefined (read: opposing viewpoints must be silenced). Why? Why was dissent so lovely just a few short months ago, but today is no longer such a good thing anymore?

And as we speak, the House of Disciples is negotiating the best way to silence right-leaning talk radio (since left-leaning radio was an utter failure - if you can't compete, simply legislate your competition out of business). Again, that silly dissent thing comes to mind - isn't the purpose of [pick your slant] talk radio to do just that - express dissent? (And if you've forgotten what that word means on your way to reading this paragraph, please scroll back up and re-read the definition).

Let's play a little pretend game and turn this all around - imagine a world where all the AM radio talk shows were predominantly left-leaning, and imagine further that the Oval Office and both houses of congress were stocked fully with right-leaning folk. Got the picture in your mind? Shouldn't be hard (well, the government part - the radio part you'll just have to imagine on your own). So now picture that particular congress discussing the elimination of that leftest prattle that is all over the airwaves. Shhh... don't tell me.... you'd be SCREAMING that dissent is essential to freedom (which in fact it is!), that the evil right wingers were out to silence the minority opinion.

So why are you not complaining now? Mr. Thomas, oddly, never mentions the current effort to silence the sort of dissent he personally does not approve of. What's next - rewriting the First Amendment to protect only speech that comes from liberal democrats? Sorry Mr. Thomas - you cannot redefine the opinions in my mind or the minds of the 50+ some-odd million folks who did not participate in the anointing of your beloved Barry O.

Hypocrisy on the left these days is utterly staggering. Trust me Mr. Thomas - dissent is very much alive and well, and God help us the day your party silences opinions that disagree with your views - (as if only your views were valid). Disregarding the audacity that YOU think YOU should get to redefine a word that is a cornerstone of this nation, dissent sir needs no new definition. Trust me - you should get used to it in the coming years - even from your own party (OMG!).

As I paid my bill, I had to laugh at the bumper sticker on the cooler behind the counter "Dissent is Freedom" - guess we won't be needing that anymore. What a sad, sick, hypocritical joke politics have become in this country. May The Obama bless us all.

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